【Hoshifuri Iku】英語しゃべったらわさびルーレット【PRISM Project】 #LIVEいくぞーん #IKUZONElive

I’m Hoshifuri Iku~! ♡Nice to meet chu~! ♡ Welcome to generation 1 of the Prism Project!!!

Thank you so much for coming to my stream! It means the galaxies to me! Please be sure to check my stream guidelines below! ♡

My genmates Aoi and Meno’s channels are below!

♡ Aoi

♡ Meno

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Iku’s Stream Guidelines! ♡ Please follow these rules to ensure a safe and fun stream!

1. Be nice! ♡ No spamming, trolling or arguing with each other. Pinky promise!!
2. Do not engage with spammers or trolls. Please ignore, block and report. Thank you ♡
3. Do not distribute other people’s private information. Big no no!!!
4. Please stay on topic! ♡
5. Please don’t mention other streamers in the chat unless Iku mentions them! Similarly, please don’t bring me up in other streamers’ chats unless given permission. ♡

Thank you again for watching my stream! See you next time! ♡


♡Waiting Screen Artwork♡
@paancake7 on twitter

Music by KODOMOi

I played the “Take a Rest” album! I love KODOMOi, so please consider checking out their works. 🙂